Каковы GUI компоненты Swing

Все компоненты Swing наследует от javax.swing.JComponent класс. JComponent само наследует от java.awt.Component класс, который означает, что все компоненты Swing также AWT компоненты. Ниже приводится список компонентов (с их краткими описаниями) в Swing.

JButton A push button that can display text, images, or both.
JCheckBox A toggle button for displaying choices that are not mutually exclusive.
JCheckBoxMenuItem A checkbox designed for use in menus.
JColorChooser A complex, customizable component that allows the user to select a color from one or more color spaces. Used in conjunction with the javax.swing.colorchooser package.
JComboBox A combination of a text entry field and a drop-down list of choices. The user can type a selection or choose one from the list.
JComponent The root of the Swing component hierarchy. Adds Swing-specific features such as tooltips and support for double-buffering.
JEditorPane A powerful text editor, customizable via an EditorKit object. Predefined editor kits exist for displaying and editing HTML- and RTF-format text.
JFileChooser A complex component that allows the user to select a file or directory. Supports filtering and optional file previews. Used in conjunction with the javax.swing.filechooser package.
JLabel A simple component that displays text, an image, or both. Does not respond to input.
JList A component that displays a selectable list of choices. The choices are usually strings or images, but arbitrary objects may also be displayed.
JMenu A pull-down menu in a JMenuBar or a submenu within another menu.
JMenuBar A component that displays a set of pull-down menus.
JMenuItem A selectable item within a menu.
JOptionPane A complex component suitable for displaying simple dialog boxes. Defines useful static methods for displaying common dialog types.
JPasswordField A text input field for sensitive data, such as passwords. For security, does not display the text as it is typed.
JPopupMenu A window that pops up to display a menu. Used by JMenu and for standalone pop-up menus.
JProgressBar A component that displays the progress of a time-consuming operation.
JRadioButton A toggle button for displaying mutually exclusive choices.
JRadioButtonMenuItem A radio button for use in menus.
JScrollBar A horizontal or vertical scrollbar.
JSeparator A simple component that draws a horizontal or vertical line. Used to visually divide complex interfaces into sections.
JSlider A component that simulates a slider control like those found on stereo equalizers. Allows the user to select a numeric value by dragging a knob. Can display tick marks and labels.
JTable A complex and powerful component for displaying tables and editing their contents. Typically used to display strings but may be customized to display any type of data. Used in conjunction with the javax.swing.table package.
JTextArea A component for displaying and editing multiple lines of plain text. Based on JTextComponent.
JTextComponent The root component of a powerful and highly customizable text display and editing system. Part of the javax.swing.text package.
JTextField A component for the display, input, and editing of a single line of plain text. Based on JTextComponent.
JTextPane A subclass of JEditorPane for displaying and editing formatted text that is not in HTML or RTF format. Suitable for adding simple word processing functionality to an application.
JToggleButton The parent component of both JCheckBox and JRadioButton.
JToolBar A component that displays a set of user-selectable tools or actions.
JToolTip A lightweight pop-up window that displays simple documentation or tips when the mouse pointer lingers over a component.
JTree A powerful component for the display of tree-structured data. Data values are typically strings, but the component can be customized to display any kind of data. Used in conjunction with the javax.swing.tree package.

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