Какие компоненты супертяжелом АВТ

Супертяжелый вес компонентов, предусмотренных АВТ перечислены ниже с их краткими описаниями.

Button A graphical push button.
Canvas A heavyweight component that displays a blank canvas, allowing a program to display custom graphics.
Checkbox A toggle button that can be selected or unselected. Use the Checkbox group to enforce mutually exclusive or radio button behavior among a group of Checkbox components.
CheckboxMenuItem A toggle button that can appear within a Menu.
Choice An option menu or drop-down list. Displays a menu of options when clicked on and allows the user to select among this fixed set of options.
Component The base class for all AWT and Swing components. Defines many basic methods inherited by all components.
FileDialog Allows the user to browse the filesystem and select or enter a filename.
Label Displays a single line of read-only text. Does not respond to user input in any way.
List Displays a list of choices (optionally scrollable) to the user and allows the user to select one or more of them.
Menu A single pane of a pull-down menu
MenuBar A horizontal bar that contains pull-down menus.
MenuComponent The base class from which all menu-related classes inherit.
MenuItem A single item within a pull-down or pop-up menu pane.
PopUpMenu A menu pane for a pop-up menu.
Scrollbar A graphical scrollbar.
TextArea Displays multiple lines of plain text and allows the user to edit the text.
TextComponent The base class for both TextArea and TextField.
TextField Displays a single line of plain text and allows the user to edit the text.

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